Why Blog?

This first entry is about why I’m doing this and it is all down to reading the deeply thought provoking blog The Catbox which is here:   http://druidcat.wordpress.com/

Almost each time I read a post from Druidcat, it would spark off a flood of thoughts, ponderings, reactions and emotions that were just too involved and often too personal for a comments box.

I loved it!

I have a livejournal which sporadically gets outpourings of my mind, I have a facebook which gets the immediate mental and emotional states and I have a Twitter which is mainly used to stalk celebrities! But I decided I wanted a different space, not a diary as such, not a record of events and happenings and moods, but a place to ponder things which are important, teachings from my counselling training or just from life in general, just a place to look deeper into myself, the path I’m on and the world it travels through.

I don’t have any answers, but I have lots of questions, lots of theories and lots of opinions and it’s time to give those a space.

Why Poppies and Thistles?

These two flowers I’ve felt a connection to for a great many years.

Poppies are delicate things, tissue thin petals easily torn on thick green stems. They help to promote sleep and dreaming, they mark sites of death and bloodshed, they swim through our system as pain dulling opiates and end the lives of those suffering beyond help. The darker side of poppies contrasting with the beautiful delicate petals fluttering in the winds just appeals to my sense of beauty.

Thistles have spiky green parts and fluffy soft purple tips and… well, that just seemed to describe my personality quite well! Green and purple are the colours I most often drift toward and make up most of my wardrobe, although there’s a fair amount of red and black in there too.

So that’s why I’m here. Why are you here? Do you know me? Do you like finding random unknown blogs? Did something lead you here or is it just chance? Will you look at any more or is this the end of our acquaintance? Whatever the reason, I enjoyed writing this and hope you enjoyed reading it.

I wonder what comes next…?


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