Many a true word…

As you probably know, Facebook gives you the statuses you posted in years past. I look at these, as I find it interesting to see the journey I’ve been on (and yes, sometimes to get rid of the things I don’t wish to remember!)

Today this came up from two years ago:
” “You’re a crazy lady aren’t you? Keep taking the tablets”
Said in jest, actually snuck through a chink in my armour and really hurt my feelings. Sometimes I think I shouldn’t even try at small talk… ”

I remember that. It’s a frequent occurrence that unless around a select group of people I count as “Friends” rather than “acquaintances” I need to watch what I say, watch my responses. There seems to be an invisible line that I frequently cross and I don’t realise until I get that ‘tumbleweed’ moment where I realise I’ve said something inappropriate. Again.

But that’s not really what this post is about. This post is to flag up that sometimes even jokey comments said in jest with no malice can really cut and hurt.
I have been medicated for mental health issues a few times.
I have had to remember to keep taking the tablets, and I have felt the effects when I’ve forgotten. Fluoxetine can be an unforgiving bitch when it comes to memory lapses.
“Crazy” is a subjective term. Some may consider that I have been so (or continue to be so, certainly I am not “normal” and actually consider that word an insult!), and there have been times where I have doubted that reality as it exists inside my head is true. My brain lies to me and I cannot always trust it. It’s an exceedingly scary experience and one that is all too common for too many people alas.

So… such jokes are not always jokes.
We never know how sensitive someone truly is. We never know how well their armour is working, and while we can’t watch what we say all the time (I’m a true case in point there), perhaps some jokes about being crazy and needing medication are unnecessary?